Pond Scum

I'm pond scum.

Spending the summer with my extended family has its ups and downs. My aunts and uncles have been nothing but warm and accommodating and lovely. My cousins on the other hand, not so much. Whether it’s because I grew up apart from them or that I don’t speak the same native language as they do, it’s just bizarre.

Until it dawned on me that their behavior is parallel to how I approach another relative. Because I am untrusting of her intentions, I make it a point that she knows it and I don’t reach out to her. With the realization that I have been a nasty human being, this scene from My Best Friend’s Wedding comes to mind:

I'm pond scum.

I'm like the fungus that feeds on pond scum.

that cruds up the tungus that teeds on the pond scum.

Julianne Potter: I have a confession. Another confession. Besides that I – love you, this is even worse. The e-mail that Walter sent to your boss – I wrote that. I’m the bad guy.

Michael O’Neill: Are you crazy? Jules, are you – are you completely insane? I mean – I mean – Jules, how could you do that?

Julianne Potter: Michael, it wasn’t supposed to get sent. I just – I just wanted you to get mad at Kimmy.


Julianne Potter: God. I have done nothing but underhanded, despicable, not even terribly imaginative things since I got here.


Julianne Potter: But I was ju – Michael, I was just trying to – to win you, to win you back.


Julianne Potter: But that doesn’t excuse any of it. I’m pond scum. Well, lower actually. I’m like the – the fungus that feeds on pond scum.

Michael O’Neill: Lower. The pus that infects the mucous… that cruds up the fungus… that feeds on the pond scum. On the other hand, thank you… for loving me that much. That way, it’s – it’s pretty flattering.

Julianne Potter: Except it makes me fungus.

Hard to believe that this movie is now 20 years old. The thought makes me want to ask myself, “What have I done with my life??”


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