Let It Go

My last post was maybe 4 months ago.  And I’m still battling the same demons.  I’m purposefully taking time out of work in the next couple of days to tackle what feels like several elephants in my room.  I don’t need to be carrying this baggage, along with all the other feels that I have to process.  It’s just too much.

Youtube purge expert DoItOnaDime says that we need to ask ourselves these questions:

1. What value does it add to my life? Am I using it for its intended purpose?

2. Am I letting stuff validate memories?

*Pay homage. Don’t create burdens. Tip: Scan or photograph memories so you can store them digitally.

3. Do I feel guilty for throwing things away? Am I continuing a clutter cycle? Am I trying to make others happy?

*Good keepsakes a) make you happy and b) have a purpose.  Stuff should bring back memories, go on display, be used and add value to your life.

4. Do I have the space for this?

Oftentimes, my stuff is only stored in the back of my closet waiting to disintegrate so they don’t really add value to my life.  I think I’ve also kept notes from high school girlfriends when we were all gushing about crushes and such.  Shudder. And I do feel guilty throwing things away, especially when it’s an item given/passed on to me. There’s that skirt that’s not really my style, or that Conair mirror that’s taking valuable real estate on my desk, or stuffed animals that I don’t really care for. Though I do appreciate these things, I just do not use them. After watching this video, I’m more empowered and assured that it’s the right call to let these things go.

Another Youtuber wisely commented that if you’re holding onto something because of how much you paid for it, holding on to it doesn’t mean you’re saving money. That money has already been spent! I’m guilty of this because I’m stubbornly holding on to a pair of gorgeous gladiator heels because they are one of the most expensive pairs of footwear I’ve ever bought.  But a strap has come undone and my cobbler did a terrible job in trying to fix it so I really have no business keeping them.  Sad.  But it’s time.  I feel like as soon as I make space in my closet and in my bedroom, I’d be able to harness my energy on to more important things. Like what do I want my future to look like. Or how I can be less selfish, ie. not getting attention from my family on my birthday doesn’t help in getting excited to doing anything special for them on their birthdays making me a big fat jerk. Or how I can take a big step forward in my romantic life, or even a small leap.  As soon as I clear things up, I look forward to being able to breathe.

Keeping my space clutter-free for the long haul would also be a lovely bonus.


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