Color me surprised

I’m surprised I’m still keeping at this diet switch.  It’s been a little over a week.  I think seeing recent images of me has just pushed me over the edge to take action.  A year ago, I had thought I needed to slim down.  Much more so now.  Ugh.

It has been a challenge, sure, when I’ve mostly reserved cooking for times when I have company over.  I’m now spending upwards of two hours in the kitchen some nights preparing lunch and snack boxes for work.  So foreign to me.  It’s especially challenging when I have to consume a dish three or more times in a week.  Hee.

Tuna salad for dinner.

I also find myself Googling Paleo-friendly breakfast and lunch ideas.  I get excited when I find pictures of things I might be able to recreate and of dishes that might actually taste good.  Today, I found one of a frittata.  Though I do not have a cast iron skillet and did not have enough eggs, I thought I’d give it a shot.  Pretty, eh?

Bacon/bell pepper/tomato frittata.
Bacon/bell pepper/tomato frittata.

I can only imagine what it tastes like as I am waiting until brunch tomorrow to try it.  I have to say though, my meal options have gotten more colorful ever since I started. 🙂

I find myself looking for alternatives to bread or baked items so I’m on the hunt for coconut flour.  It shouldn’t be this hard.  I live in the Philippines, for crying out loud!  But apparently, it’s not a popular market item here.  It’s exported out of the country.   I may need to go to a warehouse type box store to purchase it and pay several times more than I would have to.  Oh, well.

Next up, pancakes!!


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